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We are experienced cryptocurrency market makers and token traders who use both manual trading as well as algorithmic trading strategies. We can provide the liquidity your cryptocurrency or exchange needs to stay relevant and on top of the markets. We work on a retainer basis and do not profit from increased spreads, so you can always rest assured that your spreads are as competitive as possible while your project maintains maximum liquidity. Contact us if you need our help – we’d be happy to explore options. 

Who We Work With

Centralized exchanges play an essential role in the fast-growing digital asset space. Facilitating entry and exit to market while at the same time providing a platform for token issuers to gain traction and exposure is what drives us to help exchanges thrive.

We help kickstart new exchanges – any size from small to large, providing consistently tight spreads to build efficient markets and kickstart low-liquid markets to grow a base of unique emerging trading pairs.

Decentralization, both as a philosophy and technology is embedded in our values and vision. We understand that with the dream of disruption comes the challenge of finding traction and usability from day one.

To help decentralized exchanges with liquidity, we provide deep and healthy order books at the tightest spreads possible. Our unique approach allows us to quickly attract organic volume and adoption and have allowed us to work with some of the largest decentralized exchanges in the crypto space.

Crypto Market Makers partners with decentralized exchanges that challenge the status quo and uphold the values of high performance, UX and transparency.


The tokenization of assets is one of the most exciting socio-economic dynamics of our time and liquidity needs within these highly fragmented markets will be ever-increasing.

We build trust with asset issuers by building order books that are consistent, have a healthy amount of liquidity, and present a fair spread.

We provide turn-key solutions for token projects across multiple markets. In addition, we have the capacity to deploy our solutions to kick-start multiple markets across over 105 popular exchanges with a few clicks of a mouse.

Our Services For Exchanges

Fast Set Up

We can get our solution connected to your exchange within days.

Minimal Spreads

We guarantee spreads that are competitive with other exchanges.


We can provide much needed liquidity every day, all day – 24/7.

Our Services For Digital Asset Issuers

Listing Consultation

We assist you with selecting and getting listed on the right exchange(s).


Our proprietary algorithms provide liquidity 24/7, supported by experienced traders.


We work with you to understand the objectives and requirements of your project.


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

This all depends on how much your project’s average volume current is, but as a general rule of thumb we recommend a minimum budget of 10 BTC or BTC equivalent. In most cases, market making with a lower amount is inefficient for our clients and does not provide the desired result. That doesn’t mean we can’t work with less though, and we are not opposed to smaller trial amounts upon initial engagement, but this is our recommended “sweet spot” for best results.

We can integrate with just about any exchange with just about any type of API. We are currently integrated with more than 105 quality API exchanges including the vast majority of the top 100 exchanges according to both CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

Market makers should always be trading from their own accounts on the exchanges agreed upon with the client. To comply with basic KYC and AML regulations and to prevent wash trading, market makers should operate with their own accounts, otherwise they can leave the project liable for malpractice.

Potential clients should be wary of profit-sharing or P/L model services. Some market makers will insist on some type of aggressive profit-sharing model — this is not market making. This type of strategy that manipulates the market gives no preference to the health and dynamics of the market and has asymmetric outcomes for the token issuer if things go wrong. Its sole purpose is to make money at the expense of the token’s community. Market makers adopting this model will typically attempt to make income from both the bid-ask spread as well as from a token loan which they trade for profit, often by manipulating the token price. While the gains might be shared, the losses are fully-borne by the token issuer. It should be noted that most reputable exchanges have rules against this type of arrangement, as it works against the retail investor and overall market health. Other market makers will insist on a Profit/Loss (P/L) model. This kind of service will attempt to make money off the token’s bid-ask spread, i.e., buying the token low and selling high. Increasing the spread increases income for the market maker, but reduces turnover (volume traded) for the given asset. The resulting bid-ask spread is larger than if the market making was aiming for maximum liquidity.

To avoid these scenarios, we work exclusively on a retainer fee basis which allows us to operate at a flat P/L and focus instead on increasing market turnover by offering tighter bid-ask spreads. This way our income is not generated from the spread, but rather a periodic (e.g. monthly) retainer.

Our Integrated Partners

We are currently integrated with over 105 exchanges and platforms including the following well known companies, and many more.

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